Innovating data collection with ReefScan

AIMS is creating a marine monitoring system, known as ReefScan, that integrates sophisticated observations taken from underwater, from the sea surface, from air and, in the future, from space.

ReefScan is the quantum leap needed for marine monitoring and management to meet the challenges of our rapidly-changing ecosystems.

The goal is to have an efficient, layered observation system with multiple technologies working in concert to translate field data into comprehensive information about the state and health of our coral reefs–one that can deliver twice the information in half the time and at half the unit cost.

The ReefScan modular system

Autonomous platforms, such as drones and underwater robots, are a key enabling capability that AIMS is investing in to create the ReefScan family of smart, custom-designed technology that will enable us to monitor much greater areas in exciting new ways, providing deeper insights. 

Autonomous platforms enable data collection in not only the traditionally monitored regions of the Reef, but the often-neglected deep fringes and shallow reef flats which can be difficult or dangerous to reach using current methods.  

Autonomous platforms reduce dependence on humans to gather routine data, freeing scientists to analyse and add value to what we can see on the Reef. They also allow us to go deeper and undertake missions beyond a human's endurance.   

Working with innovative partners, AIMS has drawn on its unique knowledge and more than 30 years of world-leading marine monitoring experience to design ReefScan which seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art computing (such as machine learning), advanced imaging sensors and robotics. 

ReefScan offers an end-to-end approach from monitoring design, to data collection, analysis and reporting. 

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ReefScan: a layered marine monitoring system, from air to the sea floor