two research vessels a distance apart on the ocean

Research vessels

Providing access to Australia's tropical marine environments

The AIMS research fleet provides access to all of Australia's tropical marine environments. Two large purpose-built ships, the Research Vessel (RV) Cape Ferguson and the RV Solander, and a number of smaller vessels take researchers to the diverse habitats that make up our tropical marine environment.

Our major vessels are specially equipped with on-board laboratories, flow-through aquaria and computing facilities. These allow scientists to sample the physical and biological characteristics of various habitats and conduct experiments at sea. Inflatable tenders and on-board compressors support diving operations from the major vessels.

The AIMS Vessel Facility (AVF), based in Townsville, is the home berth and central management location for AIMS’ large research vessels. The facility supports our operations with berths, vessel loading capabilities, voyage mobilisation facilities, stores, and office space.