AIMS Research Data Tools

The data AIMS collects are described in detail in the AIMS Data Catalogue. The catalogue contains descriptions of data (often called metadata) which allows others, including researchers, to identify potential data of use to them. Data can then be downloaded (if available) or requested. Access to some data will be via legal data agreement.

Reef Weather

AIMS network of 18 weather stations provide essential, real-time data every 10 minutes on above-water meteorological conditions and in-water temperatures across Australia’s tropical marine environment. The data represents the best long-term, on-reef record of climate and climate events in the region.

In a world of change, this provides an essential baseline against which we can measure and understand current marine conditions around Australia.

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ReefCloud uses machine learning to derive insights from millions of underwater photographs and integrates with leading external data sets, which no other technology does as it pertains to coral reefs

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