blue and white AIMS vessels on the reef on a calm day, photo taken from the air

About AIMS

The Australian Institute of Marine Science is Australia’s tropical marine science agency.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science is a world leader in tropical marine research, expanding our nation’s knowledge hidden below the surface.

We provide:

  • unique insight into Australia’s tropical waters; and
  • knowledge to develop globally relevant and innovative research solutions

From Ningaloo in the west, across the Top End to the Great Barrier Reef, AIMS’ researchers understand large-scale, complex and emerging challenges in iconic marine habitats in Australia’s vast and remote tropical waters.

As a trusted name in marine science we look to Australia’s future needs and build upon our existing capabilities and knowledge to:

  • improve ocean health, and
  • protect coral reefs from climate change.


aerial photo of reef

Science for impact

Through our half century of pioneering research, AIMS is uniquely placed to provide expert advice and solutions to help preserve our marine estate and ensure its sustainable use.

We don’t do this alone. With the help of the users of our science, our knowledge is applied where it can have the greatest impact. In return management agencies, marine industries, and coastal communities directly benefit from AIMS’ high quality, objective research.

diver on large coral bommie

An island nation

Australians are closely connected to the sea through trade, energy, food, transport and play.

Our oceans’ future is uncertain. Australia’s tropical marine ecosystems are under severe stress and coral reefs face imminent threats to their existence.

In these challenging times, AIMS’ science is essential to ensure our tropical oceans continue to provide sustainable wealth and enjoyment for generations to come.