photo from a drone of shallow water and shoreline with a wharf connected to a building on land

ReefWorks services

Supporting the full development cycle

Our services support the full development cycle from simulation validation, bench testing, tank tests through to nearshore and offshore field testing.

The ReefWorks team includes:

  • systems engineers
  • ICT and digital specialists
  • a regulatory compliance expert
  • drone pilots
  • and technical support.

Tropical marine test ranges

ReefWorks offers three marine test ranges. Drone corridors between these testing areas allow routine performance monitoring of uncrewed platforms.


AIMS Inshore Test Range

Our Inshore Test Range is in a controlled Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Scientific Zone. It caters for shallow, controlled testing in turbid waters off AIMS headquarters at Cape Cleveland across to Cape Bowling Green. It has regulatory sandbox approval for permit-free testing and evaluation of vessels up to 12m, travelling up to 20 knots.

AIMS Inshore Test Range at our Cape Cleveland headquarters. Image: J. Gioffre

Davies Reef

Davies Reef on the central Great Barrier Reef is a clear-water coral reef range with a sensorised research tower connected to AIMS Cape Cleveland. The Davies Reef test range typically has low currents.

Davies Reef on the central Great Barrier Reef.

Myrmidon Reef

Myrmidon Reef is a clear-water coral reef range further offshore, with a connected research tower, offering remoteness as a test factor with deeper water and stronger currents.

A photo from the air of a large reef platform at high tide, with blue water and the horizon in the distance. A white metal tower stands on the reef top.
Myrmidon Reef. Image:. J. Gioffre

Marine platform and sensor test facility

RAS-AI sensors and platforms need a tightly controlled environment to gather data to determine performance. ReefWorks offers a sensor test tank facility within the National Sea Simulator (SeaSim). This controlled test environment is ideal to evaluate next-generation marine sensor performance as well as for vehicle/vessel testing.

Laser tank in the ReefWorks sensor test facility.

Test range digital twin

Digital environment testing – or testing an autonomous vessel in a virtual reality environment – is offered through a partnership with NQSPARK. Testing a platform in a virtual environment, using real-time collected data, is a safe and cost-effective way to refine the design in preparation for a tank test or field trial.

NQSPARK is the North Queensland Simulation Park, an advanced environmental training facility. It draws on the expertise of Cubic Defence in collaboration with government, academia, and industry.