A busy Darwin marina with tall buildings in the background

AIMS Index of Marine Industry

Assessing Australia's 'blue economy'

Originally developed for AIMS by Deloitte in 2008, the AIMS Index of Marine Industry assesses the contribution of Australia’s “blue economy” to the nation’s economic bottom line. The AIMS Index provides an estimate, based on accessible economic data, of the income that is directly earned by Australian marine-based industries. The methodology used to produce this estimate facilitates comparison with similar data from other economic sectors.

The report also recognises that, for every dollar earned by marine industry, activity is stimulated elsewhere in the economy. By analysing both the direct and indirect components, the report provides a comprehensive estimate of the size and importance of marine industry to Australia.

Biennial updates of the AIMS Index affirm that Australian marine industries, collectively referred to as our “blue economy”, continue to grow strongly. AIMS’ mission is to assist the sustainable development of this incredibly valuable sector of the nation’s future prosperity.


Download AIMS Index of Marine Industry 2023