AIMS logo on side of vessel


From lab to remote atolls, our facilities support our large-scale, long-term research

AIMS has fit-for-purpose, world-class platforms and facilities for conducting marine science.

Our three locations in Townsville, Darwin and Perth are home to sophisticated laboratories, operational workshops, extensive collections, and more to support our large-scale, long-term research.

The National Sea Simulator is the world’s most advanced research aquarium. It gives AIMS the ability to simulate, quantify and predict the effect of multiple pressures on marine and coastal ecosystems.

At sea, our research fleet and a large array of marine observational equipment allow us to investigate subjects ranging from microbiology to broad-scale ecology and coastal oceanography, both in the lab and in the field.

From lab to remote atolls, AIMS facilities allow our researchers and partners to further the collective knowledge of Australia’s unique marine ecosystems and the challenges they face.