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Educational facilities

Seminar facilities

The AIMS lecture theatre is in the main building at the Institute’s headquarters at Cape Ferguson, a 45-minute drive from Townsville. It seats 90 people and is accessible by wheelchair.

The theatre is equipped with teleconferencing facilities, and can be linked to seminar rooms at AIMS in Perth and Darwin.

Our seminar facilities are available for use by AIMS staff, registered visitors, participants in organised tours and invited guests. All visitors need to sign in at reception.


Eduroam is a global, location-independent wireless network available throughout the Cape Ferguson site. It allows mobility between participants' institutions, with seamless user authentication and enforcement of local security policy.

As a federated participant in Eduroam, AIMS provides wireless access to visiting researchers from other participating institutions around Australia and the world.

Eduroam is only available to users over 18 years of age or those users who have acquired parental consent to use the ‘non-filtered’ internet access.

Australian Eduroam Policy and the AIMS Internet Access Policy govern Eduroam use. For AIMS visitors the Acceptable Use Policy of your home institution applies. AIMS and your home organisation record your authentication information in case of network abuse and for statistical purposes.

For more information on Eduroam and details of the Australian Eduroam Policy, visit the Eduroam website. Also see the Eduroam Questions & Answers (491kb PDF).


Settings for AIMS users



Access Point Authentication

802.1x Security WPA2/AES

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Server Certificate Name

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