people surrounded by many large aquaria

National Sea Simulator

SeaSim is the world’s most advanced research aquarium facility

The National Sea Simulator, or SeaSim, gives AIMS researchers and their collaborators the edge in delivering world-leading coral reef science.

Using SeaSim’s large seawater tanks, scientists can research the impact of complex environmental changes on corals and other tropical marine organisms with large, long-term experiments.

The facility allows researchers to manipulate key environmental factors, including light, temperature, acidity, carbon dioxidesalinity, sediments and contaminants.

SeaSim also has facilities for the long-term holding and propagation of corals as model organisms for research. This allows multi-generational studies, which are critical in understanding how marine organisms adapt to a changing environment.

SeaSim opened in 2013 with $37 million from the Education Investment Fund and AIMS.

In 2021, the Australian Government announced a $36.3 million SeaSim expansion, increasing the capacity of the large tank systems five-fold.