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Indigenous partnerships

Committed to building mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and respect

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the Australian Institute of Marine Science are building strong and productive relationships in marine science.

Natural synergies exist between AIMS’ research and the management and protection of sea country by Traditional Owners on the coasts and continental shelf of northern Australia – from Exmouth to the southern Great Barrier Reef.

We partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, learning from each other through two-way knowledge sharing of the marine environment, to ensure its future for all.

For example, our scientists partnered with the Anindilyakwa Rangers and elders on Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria to complete the largest mapping and research project of its kind.

We have worked with the Bardi-Jawi Rangers in Cape Leveque, Western Australia to develop resource baselines and setup monitoring programs in designated Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs).

Through the AIMS Strategy 2025 and AIMS Indigenous Partnerships Plan, and backed by our Indigenous Partnerships Policy, we work with Traditional Owners to create new shared research that weaves Indigenous Knowledge of sea country with other sciences.