An orange tender sits on the water and we can see the coral reef below

Monitoring and Discovery

Keeping our eyes on Australia’s large, dynamic tropical marine ecosystems, and revealing what lies below

AIMS’ extensive monitoring and discovery research supports marine environmental reporting and decision-making by government, industry and other stakeholders. We monitor coral reefs, water quality, weather and ocean conditions across Australia’s tropical waters.

Since 1983, we have operated the longest, most comprehensive Great Barrier Reef monitoring program, documenting the condition and trends of reefs in the World Heritage area. In Western Australia, we have monitored the north west's remote reefs since 1994. This program helps us to understand the natural variability of these isolated fish and coral communities, and their resilience to disturbances such as cyclones.

Much of Australia’s marine estate remains unexplored. Our research reveals communities in isolated regions with the combined use of surveys and spatial modelling.

Our monitoring and discovery research reveals the unknown, sets baselines and reports changes and trends for management evaluation.