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NWSSRP Symposium 2020


North West Shoals to Shore Symposium words with images of turtles, pearl oysters, a towed video and a reef

The North West Shoals to Shore Research Program (NWSSRP) was a three year, $20 million study of the North West Shelf. The program of 11 separate studies within four main themes was conducted by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, technical staff and industry experts.

The NWSSRP Symposium was held on September 23 and 24, 2020 and marked the completion of the Program.

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The below presentations are listed in the order they appeared at the Symposium

These presentations are available on the AIMS YouTube Channel.
Watch the playlist, North West Shoals to Shore Research Program Symposium 2020.

Theme 4: Understanding the isolated coral atolls of the North West Shelf: The past, present and future of Rowley Shoals

Testing novel methods for coral reef monitoring James Gilmour PDF download
Mapping the coral reef habitats of Rowley Shoals using 3D rugosity metrics Ben Radford as above
eDNA for coral monitoring Laurence Dugal as above
A quantitative assessment of tow-video for coral monitoring Anna Cresswell as above
Autoclassification of coral communities Mat Wyatt as above
The current state of Rowley Shoals communities James Gilmour PDF download
Coral communities James Gilmour as above
Shark and predatory fish communities Matt Birt as above
Movement and connectivity of marine predators within remote coral reef systems Luciana Ferreira as above
The resilience of Rowley Shoals and future reefs James Gilmour PDF download
Coral bleaching 2020 Nicole Ryan as above
Hydrodynamic connectivity of corals Camille Grimaldi as above
Mechanisms of coral resilience at the Rowley Shoals Luke Thomas as above


Theme 3: Protected and iconic species movements and threats

Quantifying movement, distribution and important areas of pygmy blue whales on the North West Shelf Michele Thums PDF download
Multiple satellite tracking datasets inform marine turtle conservation on the North West Shelf Luciana Ferreira PDF download


Theme 2: Seabed habitats and biodiversity

Why we need to understand seabed habitats and species distribution Karen Miller PDF download
Characterising the Ancient Coastline Key Ecological Feature: Fish and benthic communities Marji Puotinen, Leanne Currey

PDF download 

PDF download (Currey)

Pearl oyster habitats and distribution in the 80 Mile Beach region Karen Miller PDF download
Genetic connectivity of the silver-lipped pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima Luke Thomas PDF download


Theme 1: Marine seismic noise measurement and impact

Design and implementation of a real-world experiment to investigate the effect of marine seismic survey on fish and pearl oysters Mark Meekan PDF download
Measurement of sound, particle motion and ground motion Miles Parsons PDF download

The effect of marine seismic surveys on the movement, abundance and community structure of demersal fish assemblages on the North West Shelf 

Mark Meekan, Conrad Speed PDF download