Sustainable coastal ecosystems and industries in tropical Australia

Program leader: Dr Richard Brinkman

The coastal program delivers science relating to the critical issue of cumulative stressors in a broad range of tropical marine habitats arising from coastal and catchment development, in the context of shelf-scale ecosystem drivers.

Strategic objectives

  • Develop strategic research and effective solutions for the management and control of crown-of-thorns (COTS) starfish.
  • Assess the resilience of GBR inshore ecosystems in response to water quality.
  • Develop regional models of coastal environmental condition and function.
  • Determine the impacts of known and emerging contaminants.
  • Identify zones of influence of and biological responses to dredging activities.

Program teams

  • Understanding and managing COTS outbreaks.
  • Oceanography and coastal impacts.
  • Impacts of sediments and dredging.