yellow underwater robot next to reef


An autonomous underwater vehicle providing sensors below the waves for ReefScan

The ReefScan CoralAUV is a reliable, cost-effective autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can navigate physically intricate environments exposed to strong, complex currents.   

Our prototype ReefScan CoralAUV, developed in partnership with Queensland University of Technology, has advanced navigational and obstacle avoidance sensors. These allow it to complete georeferenced and repeatable surveys with a high degree of accuracy, while equipped with scientific-grade cameras, hyperspectral sensors and other instrumentation.



We are developing advanced perception and artificial intelligence capabilities for the CoralAUV to allow it to automatically detect and follow reef contours and slopes. Some of these capabilities are highly novel and would represent a world first if we can achieve them.

ReefScan CoralAUV is a more systematic monitoring tool than traditional methods and will be used to meet functional and operational requirements for reef, benthic and fish biodiversity monitoring programs. 

Navigation sensors allow CoralAUV to undertake a highly accurate path and repeat the same mission again in the future. This allows for year-on-year tracking to inform reef management and reef restoration. 

The CoralAUV’s high-definition camera links navigation information to each image, so we know exactly where it was taken. It can also include data from other sensors measuring properties such as temperature and water quality.