Innovative solutions to sustainably manage our tropical oceans

AIMS is on a journey of technology transformation to equip our researchers to provide the knowledge needed to empower our decision makers.  

AIMS Strategy 2025 focuses our direction on harnessing technology to deliver twice the information in half the time and at half the unit cost.  

To achieve this, we are looking beyond traditional marine science to world-leading space and data technologists, next-generation sensors, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, robotics and autonomous systems. 

We are taking a systems approach to delivering sustainable solutions.  

We are collaborating with peers, cross-sector leaders and industry to deliver the capability to adapt and scale to the needs of our rapidly changing ecosystem as well as reduce human risk and allow more time for the critical, high-level tasks. 

AIMS recognises its mission is crucial to the survival of Australia’s tropical oceans including the Great Barrier Reef.  

We are committed to injecting transformational technologies to achieve our mission and ensure a sustainable future for our tropical oceans; one where our coral reefs will be a national icon for generations to come.