North West Shoals to Shore Research Program

Australia’s North West marine estate is a marine frontier – a region rich in resources important to our economy but also exceptional habitats teeming with life. While research and industries have begun to understand the significance of the area, there is still much we need to learn.

AIMS is leading the North West Shoals to Shore Research Program to inform the sustainable development of the area.

The three-year program addresses the need to understand the impacts of petroleum exploration and development. The program also provides research relevant to other industries within the region like fisheries and aquaculture as well as information for the wider Australian community.

There are four areas of research:

AIMS works closely with the offshore oil and gas industry, the ports and shipping sector, and government regulators to collect, interpret and disseminate this research. AIMS has been engaged by Santos to develop and lead the North West Shoals to Shore Research Program.

2020 North West Shoals to Shore Research Program Symposium

Dates: September 23 & 24, 2020 held in Perth, Western Australia

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The 2020 NWSSRP Symposium will provide findings of this three-year program of work under the four areas of research.

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