Scientists are broadcasting ‘reef songs’ underwater to attract baby fish to degraded reefs

UW hydrophones near snorkeller

What would happen to baby coral if an oil spill occurs? AIMS scientists have shown UV light changes the effects of the chemical compounds in petroleum oil, amplifying the toxicity towards young corals.

oil pollution research

Australia’s marine industry contributes more than $80 billion annually to the national economy according to a report released today.

Ships in a harbour

AIMS research into fast-tracking the adaptation of corals to warming oceans has received a welcome boost from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Madeleine van Oppen next to coral tank

The annual Reef snapshot: summer 2020-21 has been released today by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), and CSIRO.

coral reef from the air

We’re entering a mysterious, deep and dark dimension – the twilight zone of Ashmore Reef - with Schmidt Ocean Institute aboard the RV Falkor

fan corals on a deep reef