Doyle, Jason

Jason Doyle

Implement strategies for chemical, biochemical and molecular measurements within a variety of marine research areas. Current emphasis is environmental DNA detection methods for Crown of Thorns Seastar

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Phone (07) 4753 4430
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Various roles at AIMS: 
2014-present: Development of strategic research and effective solutions for the management and control of Crown of Thorns Starfish.
2014-present: Manager of the AIMS Pigment Analysis Facility
2013-present: Laboratory Manager
2011-2015: Biophysical oceanography of Great Barrier Reef and North West Shelf. Enzymatic processes as indicators of growth, grazing and respiration.
2008 - 2014: Temperature tolerance of coral symbionts
2008 - 2011: Fate of organic matter in the Central Great Barrier Reef
2005 - 2012: Marine Monitoring Program. Algal pigments as indicators for water quality.
1994 - 2005: Marine Bio-discovery. Spanning many aspects of this project including assay design and development, chemical purification, field collection and curation.


1994 - BSc (Hons)

1993 - BSc


Molecular methods for detection for Acanthaster planci (Crown of Thorns Starfish) in the marine environment.
Environmental DNA monitoring
Use of algal pigments for chemotaxonomy and as bioindicators
Development of biochemical indicators for biological oceanography


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