Depczynski, Martial

Dr Martial Depczynski

Research Scientist: Coral Reef Ecology
Sustainable Use of NW Marine Ecosystems Program

Contact Information

Phone (08) 6369 4025
Int +61-8-6369 4025


I graduated from James Cook University in 2007 with a PhD in marine ecology and joined AIMS in 2008. My main area of research interest is in ecosystem ecology and its application to the management of aquatic systems. In particular, the importance of biodiversity in the functioning of marine ecosystems and the role of key communities in that process. Within this, past research has included the role of fish communities in trophodynamics, quantitative spatial ecology, environmental shifts in community structures, life history theory and the importance of prey life histories to energy allocations and budgets within ecosystems.


2002: BSc (Hons 1), James Cook University
2007: PhD, James Cook University


My current research activities revolve around science for the conservation and management of Ningaloo Reef and the Kimberley in WA. Assessments of vertebrate and invertebrate group vulnerability and defining habitat correlates that mediate patterns of abundance and distribution within key functional groups are examples of these research activities. Alongside this, I continue my involvement in further understanding ecosystem function with an emphasis on how climate change may affect reef communities. This is very much aimed at the development of direct physiological indicators (ageing, development & reproduction processes) of climate change.


2009 - International Indo-Pacific Fish Conference organising and scientific committees 
2011 - Australian Academy of Science Leo Murphy Think Tank on Stressed Ecosystems. Project expert 
2016 - Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference organising committee


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