Rivero, Manuel Gonzalez

Dr Manuel Gonzalez Rivero

Research Scientist - Coral Reef Monitoring

Contact Information

Phone (07) 4753 4232
Int +61 7 4753 4232
Email m.gonzalezrivero@aims.gov.au


Broad research interests on multidisciplinary approaches to understand drivers of change in coral reefs ecosystems, and ultimately, to inform ecosystem-based management. This involves areas such as spatial and disturbance ecology, coral reef monitoring and ecosystem-based mathematical modelling. 

My research background covers different angles of coral reef ecology: 
Ecology of coral reef sponges
Exploring aspects of theoretical ecology in coral reefs, using field observations, experimental work and mathematical models, to understand long-term trajectories.
Experimental biology to evaluate climate change effects on phenological patterns
Global coral reef monitoring by implementing technological advances in artificial intelligence to explore broad-scale patterns of coral reef change at high-definition (XL Catlin Seaview Survey)


BSc in Biological Sciences - Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
PhD in Biological Sciences - University of Exeter, UK


A part of Coral Reef monitoring group at AIMS my current research covers: 

Contribute to coral reef monitoring projects, approaches and data analyses to advance the applicability and outputs of this research.
Capitalise on technological advances to support fast-tracking and up-scaling coral reef monitoring such as: Automated image recognition, Autonomous underwater vehicles, 3D modelling and Habitat Mapping.
Understanding the impact cumulative and independent drivers on coral reef change.


Coral Expert Group, Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program
Statistics and Modelling Group, AIMS
Automated Image Analysis Group, AIMS
Associate Researcher, Global Change Insitute, University of Queensland
Reviewer Circle of the Committee for Research and Exploration, National Geographic Society


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Griffin KJ, Hedge LH, Gonzalez-Rivero M, Hoegh-Guldberg OI, Johnston EL (2017) An evaluation of semi-automated methods for collecting ecosystem-level data in temperate marine systems. Ecol Evol 7:4640-4650.

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