RV Cape Ferguson

AIMS sails into first Australia-NZ research ship collaboration
Owner Australian Institute of Marine Science
Builder Tenix Shipbuilding, Western Australia
Year built 2000
Date operational by AIMS November 2000
Hull Steel
Length (overall) 23.9 metres
Beam 7.8 metres
Draft 2.5 metres
Displacement, full 212 tonnes
Installed power Main engines: Detroit series 60 375bhp
Aux engines: Perkins 92.3 kW gen sets
Fuel capacity 34,000 litres
Cruising speed 10 knots
Range 3,000 nautical miles
Complement 14 people
Instrumentation and equipment 2-tonne winch with A-frame (1,000 m wire)
Hydrographic winch
Baur K15 dive compressor with 3 G cylinder bank
Wet and dry labs
Scientific office
Running seawater
3 x 4.6m Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS)
Usage All scientific research at sea, especially for hydrographic and oceanographic work or trawl towing and large sampling.