Corporate profile

Australia is a marine nation. With 85 per cent of the population living on the coastal fringe, and a maritime industry worth $68 billion per annum, the Australian community and economy depend on effective management of coastal waters.

Good management of these resources requires timely, accurate and relevant information for managers, policy-makers, industry and the community. For over 40 years the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has played a pivotal role in providing this information for Australia’s tropical northern waters, and providing authoritative, impartial advice on key issues.

AIMS's research is designed to meet the challenges facing our marine ecosystems and the requirements of our stakeholders.

Fisheries, offshore oil and gas, mining, reef tourism and aquaculture have all benefited from AIMS research geared towards the protection and sustainable development of marine resources.

Over four decades AIMS has established some of the world’s longest-running and most comprehensive tropical marine monitoring programs. This accessible repository of data and environmental intelligence allows AIMS and other researchers to quantify system changes, and to understand context behind research that underwrites future protection of Australia's marine biodiversity and marine economy.

AIMS scientists are world authorities in their fields, achieving international acclaim for their research. The broad expertise of our staff and the strength of our national and international collaborative relationships drive a wide-ranging, large-scale and long-term multidisciplinary approach.

The Institute maintains specialised, world-class marine research facilities in support of its objectives. Among these are the National Sea Simulator smart aquarium, and a fleet of vessels that support access to ecosystems across the continental shelf and close to shore.

Strategy 2025 shows how AIMS marshals its strengths and resources to achieve its goals.