Flores, Florita

Florita Flores

Experimental Scientist

Tropical ecotoxicology & risk assessment

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(07) 4753 4128
+61 7 4753 4128
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I completed a MSc by coursework (Marine Biology) at James Cook University in March 2007. My research option focused on the effects of chlorpyrifos on cholinesterase inhibition in mudskippers (Periophthalmus novaeguineaensis).

MSc by coursework (Marine Biology), James Cook University, Townsville QLD Australia
BA, Marine Biology and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, NJ USA

My current role at AIMS is to perform experimental exposures of marine organisms to varying water quality pressures, including elevated temperatures, pCO2 and pollutants, such as pesticides and oil. I contribute in experimental design and in the analysis of data and report and publication writing. I advise students and staff across five AIMS Tasks and am a Laboratory Manager, responsible for the operation, maintenance and OH&S in the East First General Laboratory at AIMS.


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