Sven Uthicke

Dr Sven Uthicke

Principal Research Scientist
Understanding and managing Crown of Thorns Seastar outbreaks
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(07) 4753 4483
+61 7 4753 4483
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My current research activities include molecular and ecological research to develop indicators for changes in water quality and to investigate cumulative impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. This work combines field-based ecological techniques with state-of-the-art molecular and other laboratory based methods. I have worked on echinoderm population dynamics for a long time and currently investigate causes for crown-of-thorns-seastar outbreaks. I have strong expertise in experimental ecology, molecular ecology and population genetics. In previous studies I investigated genetic connectivity and ecological function of coral reef invertebrates (specifically echinoderms).

PhD in Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany
Diplom in Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Studying Ocean Acidification effects on marine invertebrates
  • Studying larval ecology of CoTS larvae
  • Developing genetic markers for CoTS larvae
  • Studying the effects of terrestrial runoff on reef biota
  • Studying the effects of climate change on calcifying, symbiont bearing organisms
  • Studying interactive effects of climate change and land runoff on coral reefs

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