Gruber, Renee K

Dr Renee K Gruber

Biological-Chemical Oceanographer
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(07) 4753 4239
+61 7 4753 4239
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I am a biogeochemist working in coastal marine and estuarine systems principally in the area of physical-biological interactions. My previous research has included the influence of waves on seagrass ecology, sediment nutrient fluxes in estuaries, and tidal forcing of nutrient uptake on coral reefs. From 2010-2013, I worked as an Environmental Scientist for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (Estuaries and Coastal Catchments Unit). This work gave me an interest in applied research questions that address the many challenges faced by coastal ecosystems worldwide.

PhD University of Western Australia, Oceans Institute
MSc Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science, University of Maryland
MSc Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science, University of Maryland

I started with AIMS in 2018. My work includes leading the water quality component of the Marine Monitoring Program and conducting process-based research on productivity and nutrient transformation in the coastal ocean. Upcoming work (in development) includes: 

  • tidal forcing of productivity in macrotidal estuaries
  • lability of dissolved organic and particulate nutrient pools

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