Lyndon Llewellyn

Dr Lyndon Llewellyn

Research Manager
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(07) 4753 4449
+61 7 4753 4449
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I have a long record of translation science, drawing on a diverse technical background in marine biology, analytical biochemistry, molecular pharmacology and data science. I have led multi-organisational projects on e-research, ecotoxicology and biotechnology, partnering with universities, government agencies and companies ranging in size from start-ups to ASX corporations. I am a peer reviewer for numerous granting agencies and journals covering disciplines as varied as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, microbiology and biomedicine. I have advised international agencies and task forces (eg IAEA, IOC Intergovernmental Panel on HAB’s, AOAC). Nationally, I have contributed to the development of Australia’s National Marine Science Plan being a lead co-author of the white paper on national marine research infrastructure. As a member of the AIMS Senior Leadership Team, I have developed wide corporate skills particularly strategic development and capability planning.

Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors
PhD (University of Queensland)
BSc (University of Queensland)


Marine biotechnology
Chemical and biological analysis
Database development and use



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