Dr Luciana Cerqueira Ferreira

Research Scientist

Marine megafauna

Contact number
(08) 6369 4002
+61 420 426 669
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I study the movement, distribution and ecology of marine megafauna (e.g. sharks, marine turtles and whales). My research interests fall mainly within the spatial and movement ecology of marine megafauna and the application of ecological and statistical models to describe and predict movement and distribution of species, and to determine environmental drivers.

PhD Marine Ecology,University of Western Australia,Australia
MSc Oceanography,Universidade Federal de Pernambuco,Brazil
BSc Oceanology,Universidade Federal do Rio Grande,Brazil

My current role consists of developing and applying statistical and spatial models to describe and predict movement and distribution of marine megafauna such as turtle and whales in northwest Australia to understand key threats. 


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