Lone Hoj

Dr Lone Høj

Research Scientist

Microbial Ecology

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My training and background is in microbial ecology and the use of molecular methods for microbial community analysis. My PhD investigated archaeal communities with emphasis on methanogenic archaea in Arctic wetlands and their response to soil water gradients and temperature. At AIMS I have worked with aquaculture-related microbiology projects primarily focused on microbial communities associated with wild and cultured larvae of the tropical rock lobster (Panulirus ornatus), their natural prey items, and their aquaculture environment. This work included the development of molecular tools for pathogen identification and monitoring, the biology and ecology of the newly described pathogen species Vibrio owensii, the elucidation of pathogenicity mechanisms of lobster larvae pathogens, and the development of alternative microbial management protocols including the use of seawater ozononation, probiotics, bacteriophage and quorum sensing inhibitors.

Research Scientist - Australian Insititute of Marine Science, Townsville AU
Experimental Scientist - Australian Insititute of Marine Science, Townsville AU
Technical Officer - Australian Insititute of Marine Science, Townsville AU
Dr. scient. (PhD) Department of Biology, University of Bergen, Norway
Cand. scient. (MSc), University of Bergen, Norway

Current research is targeting the microbiology of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish and the development of microbial and molecular indicators of pollution.


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