Hemerson Tonin standing in front of a leafy green background, wearing a red polo shirt.

Dr Hemerson Tonin

Physical Oceanographer
Numerical Modelling
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07 4753 4188
(+61) 07 4753 4188
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Hemerson's early career was as a physical oceanographer at an environmental consulting firm, specializing in numerical modeling in water bodies. After a four-year hiatus, period that he earned his PhD in Earth Sciences, he returned to the environmental consulting industry as a senior physical oceanographer, engaging with clients and mentoring collaborators in the area of numerical modeling. In 2011, he was hired by the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences, where he remains since then. 

Hemerson holds a bachelor's degree of Physics with a minor of Physical Oceanography from the University of São Paulo, a Master of Physical Oceanography from the same university and a PhD of Earth Sciences from Flinders University of South Australia. 

PhD in Physical Oceanography - Flinders University (Australia)
MSc in Physical Oceanography - University of São Paulo (Brazil)
BSc in Physics - University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Through numerical modeling and data analysis I have been involved in the following research activities: 

  • Coral bleaching events in the Great Barrier Reef;
  • Understanding cumulative stressors and critical thresholds for corals;
  • Water quality modelling;
  • Upwelling processes along the Great Barrier Reef.
Research areas

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Data Analysis, Oceanography, Numerical Simulation, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, CFD Simulation, Computational Fluid Mechanics


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