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Dr Dianne McLean

Research Team Leader and Fish Ecologist

Marine Fauna Ecology and Pressures 

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08 6369 4043
(+61) 08 6369 4043
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Dr McLean leads decommissioning marine research for AIMS, working closely with collaborators across the globe to investigate the influence of oil and gas infrastructure in marine ecosystems. Dr McLean is a fish ecologist with extensive experience in the development, use and analysis of underwater video imagery for ecological research. She has extensive experience in using industry ROV and AUV imagery for science and in working with the oil and gas industry to enhance surveys around infrastructure to inform scientific understanding.

Fish Ecologist, Australian Institute of Marine Science.
Research Assistant Professor, Oceans Institute and Oceans Graduate School, The University of Western Australia
Principal Marine Scientist, Mindabbie Marine Consulting
Research Assistant Professor, Centre for Marine Futures, The University of Western Australia
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Plant Biology, The University of Western Australia & Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (fisheries)
PhD Marine Science, The University of Western Australia
Assistant to the Chief Executive Office, Aquaculture Council of Western Australia
Technical Officer, Great Southern Marine Hatcheries, Albany WA
PhD in Marine Science (The University of Western Australia)

The Australian Institute of Marine Science delivers the environmental knowledge and innovation required to drive sound decision-making for sustainable decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure.

AIMS delivers rigorous marine research as it relates to the decommissioning challenge, with demonstrated expertise in assessments of the impacts of subsea oil and gas infrastructure on:

  • Marine biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Commercial and recreational fisheries
  • Protected, vulnerable and endangered species
  • Invasive species colonisation and movement
  • Contaminants in marine ecosystems

Decommissioning of offshore infrastructure poses environmental challenges for the global offshore energy industry. AIMS’ research is helping industry, their stakeholders, and regulators manage the unique environmental challenges that Australia’s remoteness provides.


Fay Gale Fellowship, UWA
Best Postgraduate Publication in 2005 Prize, School of Plant Biology
Coastal CRC Student Oral Presentation Award
Australian Postgraduate Award with Coastal CRC top-up scholarship
Ernest Hodgkin Memorial Prize in Marine Science
Australian Marine Science Association Honours Prize

Referred Journal Articles

ORCHID ID: 0000-0002-0306-8348; ResearcherID: H-2449-2012

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             Award: Best Postgraduate Publication in 2005 Prize, School of Plant Biology, UWA.

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