David Wachenfeld

Dr David Wachenfeld

Research Program Director

Reef Ecology and Monitoring Program

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0417 763 207
+61 (0) 417 763 207
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I have worked in the fields of marine park management, marine science, and tourism for 30 years. Since 2003 I have held senior leadership positions at the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

2023 -
Research Program Director, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Chief Scientist, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Director - Reef Recovery, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Director - Ecosystem Conservation and Resilience, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Director - Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Use, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Director - Science Coordination and Chief Scientist, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
PhD - Aspects of the Behaviour and Ecology of Red Sea and Indian Ocean Triggerfishes, University of York
Bachelor of Science (Hons 1st class) - Marine and Freshwater Biology, University of London

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