Dr Britta Schaffelke

Research Program Director
A Healthy and Sustainable Great Barrier Reef
(07) 4753 4382
+61 7 4753 4382


My overarching professional interest is the interface between science and policy. My expertise is the research and management of environmental impacts on tropical ecosystems, especially those related to deteriorating marine water quality. The inshore Great Barrier Reef has been the focus of my research for the past 20 years. Prior to joining AIMS in 2005, I held a variety of positions spanning marine ecological research, environmental management and knowledge exchange. I migrated to Australia from Germany in 1995 for post-doctoral research at AIMS. In 2000 I joined the CSIRO to work on seaweed invasions. After positions in the Water Quality & Coastal Development group of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and at the CRC for Reef Research, I returned to AIMS in 2005 to manage the AIMS component of the Inshore Marine Monitoring Program. In 2006, I became Research Team Leader of the 'Measuring Water Quality and Ecosystem Health' Team and in 2012 a Research Program Leader.


1989 Degree 'Diplom Biologin' University of Hamburg, Germany
1993 PhD University of Hamburg, Germany



The interdisciplinary research of my 30+-staff strong Program will provide managers and policymakers with a better understanding of the condition and trends of GBR coral reefs, their vulnerability to climate change and ocean acidification, especially in interaction with local and regional environmental stressors. Our focus is to: 

Develop a framework for understanding cumulative stressors and critical thresholds.
Determine adaptive capacity of key functional groups, and new opportunities for managing goods and services under climate change.
Produce a new comprehensive status and trends reporting system for the Great Barrier Reef.

Other Activities


Reef 2050 Plan Independent Expert Panel 
Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce 
Reef Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program Working Group 
Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership Independent Science Panel 
Fitzroy Partnership for River Health Science Panel 



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