Andrew Negri

Dr Andrew Negri

Principal Research Scientist
Marine ecotoxicology
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(07) 4753 4322
+61-7-4753 4322
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Andrew has extensive experience in the field of coral reef ecotoxicology, working with a wide range of contaminants (including hydrocarbons, metals, pesticides, herbicides and sediments) and reef taxa (corals, sponges, seagrass, microorganisms). Most recently his research has focused on developing methods to assess the combined impacts of pollution and climate change on ecologically important reef-building taxa and on symbiotic and free-living microbial communities. His research is primarily strategic, providing regulators, management and industry with information to develop, improve or inform guidelines and risk analyses. He also has two decades of experience working on the early life history stages of coral, recently focusing on developing coral aquaculture processes for reef restoration.


Principal Research Scientist: Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems and Industries in Tropical Australia, Australian Institute of Marine Science, and Adjunct Associate Professor, James Cook University
Research Scientist, Environmental Biotechnology: AIMS
Postdoctoral Fellow: CSIRO Land and Water
PhD (Chemistry): RMIT University
Research areas
  • Ecotoxicology - effects of pollutants and climate on tropical marine biota
  • Toxicity modelling for oil spill risk assessments
  • Coral reproduction biology and reef restoration
  • Pollution chemistry - bioaccumulation and degradation in Antarctic and tropical ecosystems

Google Scholar:                h-index 61, citations 11,389


Sample publications

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