Thompson, Angus

Angus Thompson

Inshore Coral Monitoring
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My professional career has been focused on the assessment and reporting of reef-fish and coral communities. 
From 1992 through to 2003 I monitored reef fish communities on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) as part of the Long-term Monitoring Program. Since 2004 my focus shifted to the monitoring and reporting of coral communities in inshore areas of the Great Barrier Reef under the Marine Monitoring Program. In these roles I have developed skills in the design of monitoring programs, the analysis interpretation and reporting of coral community condition and an appreciation for the need of sound data management and quality control systems to ensure the integrity of long-term times series.


1989 BSc Marine Biology, James Cook University, Australia



Since 2005 I have coordinated the coral component of the Marine Monitoring Program. Central to this position is my interest in understanding the pressures that determine coral community condition in inshore waters. An additional requirement of this program is the synthesis of results into formats accessible to diverse audiences that has lead to my interest in the use of report cards to convey the state of ecological process in a broadly accessible and intuitive format.

Other Activities


Reef Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program Coral Reef Expert Group



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