Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) strongly encourages high standards of proper, ethical and lawful behavior. It is fully committed to the detection and prevention of any wrongdoing within or associated with AIMS. An essential mechanism for this is a good and effective whistleblowing policy which we have had in place since 2012. 

The Commonwealth Government in 2013 passed legislation introducing a formal public interest disclosure (i.e., "whistleblowing") framework applicable to all Commonwealth agencies .The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) which took effect on 15 January 2014 establishes a Commonwealth scheme to encourage public officials to report suspected wrongdoing in the Australian public sector. For information about the Act and other information relating to public interest disclosures see

AIMS' current Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures are compliant with the basic tenets of the PID Act and it is thus fully committed to investigating wrongdoing and protecting those making public interest disclosures from reprisals and adverse consequences. The policy is currently being updated and separate whistleblowing procedures are also being developed.

View the AIMS Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblower Policy and Procedure.

If you are or were a member of AIMS' staff, a goods or service provider contracted to AIMS or an employee of such contractor and you are or become aware of suspected serious wrongdoing at AIMS that falls within any of the types of disclosable conduct described in the PID Act, you are encouraged to report this to an authorised AIMS Disclosure Officer (currently the Human Resources Manager). Please provide as much detail of the allegation as you can.

A public interest disclosure can be made in writing or orally and either openly or anonymously to the AIMS HR Manager. If the disclosure is in relation to the HR Manager then it should be made to the Chief Financial Officer.

Disclosures can also be made to your AIMS supervisor. Alternately disclosures can be made:

A template has been developed and can be used to lodge your Public Interest Disclosure. It is not mandatory to use this form however doing so may speed up the process and enable the matter to be properly addressed and appropriately dealt with. 

Download the template form

By email to:

By phone to: 07 4753 4444

By post to:

Public Interest Disclosure Authorised Officer
Private and Confidential
c/-Australian Institute of Marine Science
PMB 3, Townsville MC
Townsville QLD 4810

Disclosures can also be made to external parties, details of whom can be found in the link to the Ombudsman website above.