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Setting direction for $38B marine industry

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17 March 2009

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, today launched the first comprehensive strategy for Australia's $38 billion marine industry sector.

A Marine Nation: National Framework for Marine Research and Innovation sets the direction for research in this critical area through the only nationally co-ordinated initiative of Australia's marine science, technology and innovation effort.

This historic document has been produced less than a year after the United Nations announced a huge extension of Australia's continental shelf – making our 13.5 million square kilometre marine jurisdiction the third largest in the world.

The strategy identifies the research, development and innovation needed from government, industry and the community to develop Australia's marine industries.

Australia's marine industries embrace tourism, fishing, offshore oil and gas and other diverse ocean-based enterprises.

The strategy accords with the recommendations of the Review of the National Innovation System – which supported boosting Australia's capacity in marine science, technology, innovation and industry.

It will ensure best possible deployment of resources and more effective co-ordination than ever before.

Australia has significant natural advantages and strong global networks and is a recognised global leader in marine research.

This strategy will ensure that we continue to be one of the world's leaders.

The new strategy has been prepared by a steering committee under the umbrella of the Australian Government's Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group (OPSAG).

Copies of the strategy are available from

Media contacts:

Patrick Pantano, Minister's Office, 0417 181 936

Dr Neville Smith, Acting Chair, OPSAG, 0407 824129