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Australia and Taiwan collaborate

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29 April 2010

Australia and Taiwan are poised to increase their collaboration on marine research with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Townsville today.

Delegates from the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the National Science Council (NSC) of Taiwan will sign the memorandum at AIMS' headquarters, surrounded by national park at Cape Ferguson, close to the Great Barrier Reef.

The CEO of AIMS, Dr Ian Poiner said he welcomed the signing of the MOU.

"International scientific collaboration is the key to unlocking many of the secrets of our oceans. The oceans cover 71 per cent of the Earth's surface but are less studied, less known and less understood than the land. Sixty four percent of the oceans are outside national jurisdictions in the open oceans and deep sea areas, which highlights the need for international scientific cooperation in studying the oceans," he said.

"Through this memorandum, we will encourage our respective researchers to embark on collaborative research projects, mutual visits and joint workshops, all focussed on marine science."

Dr Poiner said researchers from both organisations were already exploring potential projects that would benefit marine science in both nations.

He said AIMS' core research strengths include: marine biodiversity; tropical crustacean aquaculture; water quality and ecosystem health; climate change and the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems; and understanding marine microbes and symbiosis.

"We look forward to welcoming Taiwanese researchers to AIMS in the near future, to work with us on collaborative projects that utilise our world-class facilities."

The Memorandum of Understanding between the National Science Council and the Australian Institute of Marine Science will be signed by Deputy Minister of NSC Dr. Wen-Chang Chang and CEO of AIMS Dr Ian Poiner.


This bond between Taiwan and Australia will benefit both nations. As we are island countries, the abundant biodiversity of ecosystem will fuel our cooperation effort on marine science."Deputy Minister of NSC, Dr. Wen-Chang Chang said.


We want to build the relationship with AIMS through this MOU to enhance bilateral research visits, workshop, and research projects in the hope to achieve scientific breakthroughs on marine science."Deputy Minister Chang said.

Delegates from NSC also include Director General of Department of International Cooperation Dr Ching-Ray Chang, Vice President of National Taiwan Ocean University Dr Ching-Fong Chang, and Executive Director of Science ‘ Technology Division of Taipei Economic ‘ Cultural Office

(TECO)in Australia, Dr Mei-Ling Hshieh. All highly expect the further collaboration between both countries.

The Representative of Taiwan in Australia, Dr. Gary S. H. Lin, and Mrs. Lin, as well as Ms. Pauline Lin, Director of TECO

's S‘T Division, are also present on the said occasion to witness the signing of the MOU of marine science cooperation between Australia and Taiwan.

For further information contact:


AIMS CEO, Dr Ian Poiner 0419 702 652;

Department of International Cooperation, National Science Council, Director General

Dr Ching-Ray Chang886 2 2737 7558;

S‘T Division of TECO in Australia, Executive Director, Dr. Mei-Ling Hshieh 0423-567-888;


Wendy Ellery, AIMS media liaison; (07) 4753 4409; 0418 729 265;


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