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AIMS tightens belt due to rising cost of research

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02 November 2006

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) announced today its decision to cut staff by seven positions. The redundancies, which were announced at a staff meeting this morning, will be finalised after discussions with affected staff over the next week and will include cuts in both science and support areas.

AIMS CEO Dr Ian Poiner says that while new systems were implemented, staff and resources were redeployed, and every possible effort was made to streamline operations, staff reductions were the only option to allow AIMS to operate within its current budget and to avoid larger scale problems in the future.

Dr Poiner says the decision was difficult to make and represents a loss for marine science in the region.

"This is a sad day for AIMS and identifies the enormous challenges facing research and development nationally.

"Unfortunately, AIMS is not alone in facing this challenge. The past five years have seen a struggle by scientific research providers across the country to keep pace with the rising costs of operations.

"The reality is that there is a cost associated with science. We have carefully weighed our options and are taking into consideration the skills required to ensure that we are best able to address Australia's growing research needs into the future."

Regardless of this setback the Institute is well-positioned to move forward, says Dr Poiner.

"We are in the process of exploring new ways to secure our capabilities, to pursue new research initiatives, and to maintain current operations with the goal of providing Australia with world leading tropical marine science."

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