pink coral image with fish


Compiled by Barry Tobin

What you can do to reduce your chances of being attacked

  • Don't go into the sea on your own, preferably always swim with companions. Most people attacked seem to be lone swimmers.

  • Don't swim or surf where the water is murky or turbid, where people are fishing, near rivers, inlets, piers, or jetties.

  • Only swim during daylight hours.

  • Don't enter the sea with any bleeding wounds.

  • Don't wear jewellery or reflective clothing in the water.

  • If there are large numbers of fish around they could attract sharks and if their movements are erratic it could mean that there is a shark already lurking around.

  • If you find yourself stranded offshore, calmly swim towards shore.

  • Avoid known places where sharks are known to have previously attacked people.