Date Title
December 20 AIMS CEO reappointment
December 16 AIMS researcher wins prestigious national award
December 15 Appointments strengthen marine institute Council
December 8 $48 billion marine industries worth more than agriculture
December 3 Massive corals help unlock climate change secrets in Western Australia
November 9 New era for marine research in the Northern Territory
October 21 Shark mothers provide critical life support for newborn pups
October 9 AIMS nails top national health and safety award
September 29 Minister Garrett announces multimillion dollar boost to CReefs
August 20 Research reveals cyclone's ravages on the Reef
July 22 Seven wonders listing a natural for the Great Barrier Reef
July 1 $55M boost to tropical marine science
June 2 Despite fears, coral reefs have not been overgrown by seaweed
May 22 Search for female whale sharks
May 19 New leader for AIMS WA as marine science effort gathers pace
May 13 Tropical marine science gets $55 million budget boost
May 8 CReefs marine science project inspiring BHP Billiton staff
April 16 Baby fish shaped by mothers' stress
April 9 Research shows herbicide a concern to reef
April 9 The secret life of tropical sponges comes to light
April 7 "Protein miners" threatening northern fish stocks require concerted regional response
April 7 Support builds for automated reef watch
March 26 UWA and AIMS provide $2 million boost for WA marine science
March 26 Reef shark movements at Ningaloo Reef
March 17 Setting direction for $38B marine industry
March 2 Marine pollution expert heads AIMS in Darwin
February 25 Coral disease found to have similar MO to cholera
February 24 Stars of the sea falling to human-induced perils
February 2 New program monitors climate change on Ningaloo coral and fish
January 2 Hard core data shows 14 per cent drop in coral growth on GBR since 1990