Date Title
Date Title
December 4 Broad-ranging book shows how coral bleaching is shaping the future of coral reefs
November 25 AIMS Index values marine industries at $38 billion and rising fast
November 10 Scientists report major steps towards 1st Census of Marine Life
November 10 Urgent action on international coral reef crisis
October 2 New AIMS facility will help scientists show why life is a symbiosis
September 30 Fishy future written in the genes
September 19 Multiple threats to coral biodiversity lend urgency to scientific inventory of life on Australia's famous reefs
August 22 Warmer seas likely to promote coral disease
August 21 Sea sponges and their microbes hit the wall at 33 degrees
August 18 Harnessing good bacteria to move rock lobster aquaculture forward
August 13 Researchers look to microbes for clues to climate change and future energy
August 7 Climate zones shift south as Australia's northern oceans warm
July 25

World leading Australian research to save the Great Barrier Reef from climate change

July 22 GBR protected from crown-of-thorns attacks by no-take zones
June 24 Devastating coral disease may have bacterial cause
June 24 Protected fish stage a comeback
June 17 Third wave of crown-of-thorns fading away
June 3 AIMS chief heads up Census of Marine Life governing body
May 21 Automated tool to aid decision making for sea cage aquaculture managers
May 9 "Digital skin" to cover Great Barrier Reef
Apr 17 Unlucky reef shark leads researchers to better understanding
Apr 10 AIMS contracted for baseline environmental study of WA's Scott Reef
Mar 31 First Australian CReefs expedition underway this week
Mar 20 Corals in the Keppel Is region form new heat-beating partnerships
Mar 7 Reef fish lose their way as environment turns hostile
Mar 6 Media alert - Ocean acidification workshop
Mar 5 Alarm bells as evidence of slowed coral growth on the GBR emerges