Workplace safety induction

The Institute is committed to occupational health and safety (OHS) and to safeguarding our environment. We work with our employees to provide a safe workplace.

Everyone who works at AIMS is required to complete inductions, and our workplaces are safer as a result. Before starting work at AIMS, your supervisor will instruct you to complete the inductions that relate to your activities.

The three main inductions, each consisting of a short video, a written manual and an on-line questionnaire are: General safety, Fieldwork safety and Laboratory safety.

For each area, please view the safety induction video and read the safety manual. Then complete the questionnaire.

Induction Videos Manuals Questionnaires
General Safety - PDF icon PDF 1.72 MB        Text icon General Safety
Fieldwork Safety Fieldwork Safety PDF icon PDF 405 KB Text icon Fieldwork Safety
Laboratory Safety Laboratory Safety PDF icon PDF 290 KB Text icon Laboratory Safety

To access the manuals and the questionnaires, click the appropriate icons.

 To view PDF files you may need Acrobat Reader v5.0 or later from Adobe Corp.