Call for submissions for the Proceedings of the 9th World Sponge Conference

Thank you for sending us your expression of interest to publish in the Proceedings of the 9th World Sponge Conference. The provided abstracts helped us significantly to choose a journal and to discuss options and conditions with the publishers. We have made a decision and will now accept proposed submissions, with a final deadline of 30.9.2014.

Papers for the Proceedings of the 9th World Sponge Conference will be published in the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK:

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We do not presently have any page restrictions, but depending on number of final submissions we may have to ask the authors to restrict the length of their papers to a maximum of 10 printed pages. If you are planning to submit a review paper, please send a draft of your abstract to the journal executive editor Ann Pulsford for consideration ( When you submit, please make sure that you choose ‘special issue' from the first drop-down menue and that you state in your cover letter that your publication is meant for the Proceedings of the 9th World Sponge Conference. Please propose 4-5 reviewers who have the expertise to judge your contribution, and you will need to prepare your manuscript according to the instructions of JMBA. Colour images are NOT free and will incur a publication fee of £700 per page (please refer to the instructions for authors). All contributing authors will receive access to the PDF of this volume.

Christine Schönberg will represent you during the submission/review phase and can answer questions with regards to the process. Topic editors are Wei Zhang (biotechnology;, Jane Fromont (taxonomy, reproduction;, John Hooper (taxonomy, systematics;, Shirley Sorokin (ecology, distribution; and Christine Schönberg (ecology, physiology;, who can be contacted with questions specific to the respective topic expertise.

We are looking forward to your submission!

The editorial team of the Proceedings of the 9th World Sponge Conference

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Read the media release announcing the conference. 

9th World Sponge Conference

Image: Dave Abdo


The ongoing discovery of new and highly diverse sponges in Western Australia, combined with recent advances in molecular technologies,sets the stage for the conference theme of ‘New Frontiers in Sponge Science' at the Ninth World Sponge Conference in Fremantle, Western Australia from 4 – 8th November 2013.

The key mission of this conference is to highlight this diversity and inspire research within these habitats, thus providing a perfect backdrop for the international gathering of hundreds of scientists with disciplines spanning ecology, evolution, microbiology, marine natural products chemistry, taxonomy, genetics and molecular biology.

Attendance at this meeting will provide an invaluable opportunity to both access and showcase the advances and frontiers in research currently being attained in sponge and benthic science. This will stimulate research interest from marine scientists around the globe, and reach beyond sponge science.

Importantly, this conference aims to bring together industry with scientists so the benefits of sponge science can be taken up by the resource, policy and environmental sectors.

Our venue is the historical port of Fremantle at the mouth of the Swan River. It is a stunning setting in which to meet and network and we very much hope you can join us "down under" for this exciting conference.

Sponge Conference Committee

Double the impact of your research by also attending the International Marine Biotechnology Conference in Brisbane, Australia, immediately following the sponge conference.

The 87th Annual Australian Coral Reef Society Conference will be held in Sydney from Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th August, 2013, and run in conjunction with the International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS).