Time to say farewell from Ningaloo

The Ningaloo 2009 team.
Image: Gary Cranitch


By Angus Livingston
Wednesday 3 June 2009
CLICK go the lights, boys – CReefs is moving out of Ningaloo Station.
The shearing shed that has housed to us for several weeks has been cleared out and samples packed away. Now it can return to sitting vacant for months until it's time for a flock to be relieved of its woolly weight.
This expedition has given a large group of scientists an unprecedented opportunity to examine this remote part of Ningaloo Reef.
For some it was an extremely fruitful trip, while others found only limited examples of what they were looking for.
Regardless of what was collected, the CReefs team now has a better idea of what is and isn't here at Ningaloo, and that information can assist in further developing management for this area.
It has also added to the global knowledge about coral reefs and the organisms that live on them.
This part of the reef has hardly been sampled, and had not been sampled at all for some species groups.
Thanks to this trip, gaps in the knowledge of the marine organisms of this section of the Western Australian coastline has begun to be filled, but much work remains to be done.
This work will continue until the next expedition, but for now – farewell. See you at Heron Island in November.