Ningaloo Reef 2010 expedition
Friday 14 May to 3 June 2010


A team of 28 researchers and support staff will head to Western Australia for the final CReefs expedition to Ningaloo Reef.
This will be the third trip to Ningaloo, under the auspices of CReefs. Launched in 2005, CReefs is the coral reef component of the Census of Marine Life (CoML), a global network of researchers in more than 80 countries engaged in a 10-year initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life in the oceans – past, present and future. The Australian component of CReefs includes a series of nine such expeditions. A total of three expeditions each will go to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia; and Lizard and Heron Islands on the Great Barrier Reef. CReefs Australia is generously supported by BHP Billiton, in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.
The final expedition to Ningaloo will see researchers go further north and south in search of previously undiscovered marine animals.
They will be using three boats, each measuring between 6 and 8 metres, to travel to their new dive spots each day.
The remote location has limited research facilities for a large group of researchers, so 12 palettes of equipment and fuel were transported to Ningaloo Station, where a laboratory will be established in the old station shearing shed.
Researchers from as far afield as Japan, Russia and the US will be joining the expedition, as well as two BHP Billiton environmental staff. A BBC film crew will also be present for four days, gathering material for a documentary on the Census of Marine Life.

List of participants

Brachyura (crabs) Rob Lasley (National University of Singapore)
Brachyura (crabs) Nguyen Son (National University of Singapore)
Octocorals Monika Schlacher-Hoenlinger (Queensland Museum)
Octocorals Merrick Ekins (Queensland Museum)
Polychaetes Charlotte Watson (Museum and Art Galleries of NT)
Barnacles Andrew Hosie (Western Australian Museum)
Barnacles/crustacea Lee Betteridge (Western Australian Museum)
Macroalgae Fred Gurgel (University of Adelaide)
Macroalgae Gareth Belton (University of Adelaide)
Zooanthids Yuka Irei (University of Ryukyus, Japan)
Zooanthids Catalina Aguilar (University of Ryukyus, Japan)
Shrimp Arthur Anker (Museum of Natural History, Florida)
Copepods Slava Ivanenko (Moscow State University)
Isopods Chad Buxton (Museum of Tropical Queensland)
Parasites Holly Heiniger (Queensland Museum)
Parasites Terry Miller (Queensland Museum)
Bryozoa Phil Bock (Museum Victoria)
Barcoding Abigail Fusaro (Ocean Genome Legacy)
Photographer Gary Cranitch (Queensland Museum)
Project leader Julian Caley (AIMS)
Field logistics Shawn Smith (AIMS)
Data manager Greg Coleman (AIMS)
Journalist Rebecca Leech (Independent)
Coxswain Collette Bagnato (Independent)
Coxswain Aaron Anderson (Independent)
Cook Christos Rallis (Independent)
 Lexie Frankham  
 Silver Naumoska  
4 film crew