Ningaloo Reef expedition

Ningaloo Reef


The second Australian CReefs trip, this time to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, was run from 4 to 25 June 2008.
It is the second in a series of three, 21 day expeditions at each location. The first was held in April this year to Lizard Island.
Each expedition involves around 25 people including researchers, photographers, support staff and BHP-Billiton employees.
The purpose of the expeditions is to use a diverse range of sampling methods in a wide range of habitats to sample species associated with coral reefs that have not previously been well sampled.
These organisms will be identified to operational taxonomic units (OTU) in the field and to species where possible. Follow up analyses will include the description and naming of new species.
The Ningaloo expedition, as well as those to Lizard and Heron Islands, will also provide the opportunity to re-collect species currently in museum collections but for which tissue samples for genetic analysis are not available.

List of participants

Molluscs Clay Bryce (Western Australian Museum)
Molluscs Corey Whisson (Western Australian Museum)
Algae Fred Gurgel (University of Adelaide)
Algae/seagrasses Rainbo Dixon (Murdoch University
Polychaetes Gavin Dally (Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory)
Isopods Niel Bruce (Museum of Tropical Queensland)
Tanaid shrimp Magdalena Blazewicz (Museum Victoria)
Amphipods Lauren Hughes (Australian Museum)
Isopods Christine Hass
Echinoderms Ashely Miskelly
Bryozoa Kevin Tilbrook (British Museum of Natural History)
General Molecular Laetitia Plaisance (Smithsonian Institution)
Coxswain Steven Gregg (Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory
Coxswain Paul (Condo) Costello
Project Leader Julian Caley (Project Leader, Australian Institute of Marine Science)
Project Manager Shawn Smith (Project Manager, Australian Institute of Marine Science)
Journalist Susan Graham
Data Technician Gavin Erricson (Australian Institute of Marine Science)
Photographer Gary Cranitch (Queensland Museum)
  Cleve Etherington (BHP)
  Esme Wink (BHP)