Lizard Island expedition

Lizard Island
Image: Trish Hendriks.


The expedition to Lizard Island was undertaken from 2 to 22 April 2008.  Around 25 people took part, including researchers, photographers, support staff and a BHP-Billiton employee.
During this expedition, researchers used a diverse range of sampling methods in a wide range of habitats to sample species associated with coral reefs that have not previously been well sampled.
These organisms will be identified to operational taxonomic units (OTU) in the field and to species where possible.  Follow up analyses will include the description and naming of new species and DNA barcoding.
The Lizard Island expedition also provided the opportunity to re-collect species currently in museum collections but for which tissue samples for genetic analysis are not available.
The expedition team stayed at the Lizard Island Research Station (LIRS), which is on the northern Great Barrier Reef, 270 km north of Cairns, Queensland. 

Preparing to dive.
Image: Claudia Reidy.

The Research Station is owned and operated by the Australian Museum and is supported by the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation and the Coral Reef and Marine Science Foundation.

List of participants

Soft corals and gorgonians

Katharina Fabricius (Australian Institute of Marine Science)
  Merrick Ekins (Queensland Museum)
  Trish Hendriks (Queensland Museum)
Echinoderms Tim O'Hara (Museum Victoria)
Crustacea (tanaids) Magda Blazewicz (Museum Victoria)
Bryozoa Phil Bock
Polychaetes Chris Glasby (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory)
  Charlotte Watson (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory)
Isopods Niel Bruce (Queensland Museum)
Algae Fred Gurgel  (University of Adelaide and the South Australian Herbarium)
  John Huisman (WA Herbarium)
  Elizabeth Perkins (Adelaide University)
Jellyfish and commensals Joanna Browne (Museum Victoria)
General molecular science Laetitia Plaisance (CReefs Institution of Oceanography at the University of California; soon the Smithsonian Natural History Museum)
Support Greg Coleman (Data Manager, AIMS)
Christos Rallis (Cook)
Julian Caley (Project Leader, AIMS)
Shawn Smith (Project Manager, AIMS)
Frank Farris (Visiting web expert)
Nash Hancock (BHP)
Gary Cranitch (Photographer, Queensland Museum)
Claudia Reidy (Expedition Journalist)