Return to Lizard

Lizard Island from the air.
Image: Gary Cranitch.


By Angus Livingston
Wednesday 11 February 2009:
DOES a lot change in a year? The CReefs team on Lizard Island is about to find out.
In April 2008 the team went to the island for the first of several trips to examine life on coral reefs.
The scientists took samples, examined specimens and left behind monitoring devices to help them better understand how organisms colonise reefs.
Those devices, Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS), are being collected and will be analysed once the expedition leaves the island.
The team is back to re-examine the reefs and see what they missed, as well as form a better understanding of how much underwater life is still to be discovered.

A reef off Lizard.
Image: Gary Cranitch.


Also joining the CReefs group this time around include several scientists who are collecting specimens not collected on previous trips, including crabs and octopuses.
On this blog you will find information about the expedition, the scientists and the work being done on the island.
You will also find out a bit about the island and the people and creatures that inhabit it.
Check back every day for updates and images of the team's progress.