Goodbye from Heron Island

The CReefs Australia team.
Image: Gary Cranitch


By Raelene Morey
Wednesday 25 November 2009
Three weeks on Heron Island has come and gone.
Samples are being packed away and diving gear is being aired out.
This was CReefs Australia's second trip to Heron Island giving the team a second chance to collect samples from the reefs.
It was also a second opportunity to discover new species, proving that even in an area where thousands of tourists dive each year, there is still so much left to discover and describe.
During this trip the Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures were retrieved, uncovering a new genus of squat lobster, with more discoveries expected.
The team of scientists and support crew worked long and hard – often late into the night with early starts the next day – but also knew how to relax.
It became an evening tradition to head down to the pier to watch the sunset and chat about the day's work.
Phil Bock continued his field trip tradition of keeping everyone well caffeinated and Francois Michonneau took charge of the whiteboard, while Aaron Anderson, a man of his word, will be fondly remembered for his budgie smugglers.
Damien Tosh kept us well-fed and happy with his delicious meals.
Now it's time for everyone to head back to their home institutions and start work analysing the specimens they collected during this expedition.
Until next year. farewell from Heron Island. See you at Ningaloo in May.