Behind the scenes

Chef Damien Tosh gives Acting Sous Chef Aaron Anderson a cooking lesson.
Image: Raelene Morey


Wednesday 25 November 2009
"Behind every great man is a great woman", or so the saying goes.
But definitely, behind every great field trip is a great support crew.
The three-week stay on Heron Island would not happen without the dedicated work of the CReefs Australia support crew who keep the scientists equipped and fed.
Heading the support crew list is Dr Julian Caley, AIMS Principal Research Scientist, Principal Investigator of the global CReefs Project, and leader of these expeditions.
Not far behind is CReefs Australia Field Project Manager Shawn Smith, who not only plans the entire expedition – booking flights and organising equipment and supplies – his skills extend to making hand mixers out of power drills and cable ties.
Is there anything this man can't do?

François Michonneau writes up the next day's dive schedule.
Image: Gary Cranitch


Gary Cranitch, the team's photographer, captures the creatures we otherwise wouldn't notice, revealing the ocean's tiny, beautiful beasts.
Damien" Gastronomic taxonomist" Tosh has delivered amazing gourmet meals night after night. Together with Aaron "Moustachio "Anderson the pair have been the social glue on the island.
A born entertainer, Aaron has demonstrated his extensive knowledge of marine life at the research station's touch tank as well as his boating and diving experience as one of the expedition's coxswains.
The other coxswain, Stuart Kininmonth, joins the team from the Australian Institute of Marine Science, as does Postdoctoral Research Fellow Camille Mellin. Both are assisting with boating, diving and other research tasks.
And then there's me, the excursion's blogger. After a couple of weeks with the team of scientists I have a few new words to add to my vocabulary and a new appreciation of the work of taxonomists.